Committee Members



Mrs Jean Bamford
Tel: 01666 503563

New Chairman
Mr Derek Dixon
Tel: 01761 232910

Mrs Wendy Grantham
Tel: 01993 868340

Mrs Celia Bowen
Tel: 01258 472851

Magazine Secretary
Mrs Angela Rickerby
Tel: 01886 832294

Magazine Editor
Mrs Jean Bamford
Tel: 01666 503563

Registration Secretary
MrDerek Humphries

Publicity Officer
Mr.Paul Wigzel
: 01749 840309  



Area Representatives



1.South West England
Mrs Marion White
Tel: 01409 231765

2.South & South East England
Miss Pat Newman
Tel: 01725 510759  

3.East of England
Mrs Jane Lake
: 01354 695502

4.South Midlands
Mrs Jean Bamford
Tel:01666 503563

5.West Midlands   
Mrs E Mills
Tel: 01684 568297

6.North & North East England     
Mrs Marina Chapman
Tel:01539 727866

Mr & Mrs Victor Allen
Tel: 01771 653236


9.United States of America
Mrs Paula Thurston
Tel: 001 775 738 4611 (USA)



Hon. Veterinary Surgeon



Mrs Cathy Morris



Other Contacts



British Goat Society
Tel: 0044 (0)1626 8333168
Web: (main site - useful advice on general goat management etc.) (news and information site - useful information on identification and movement of goats)



DEFRA WEBSITE for tagging and movements and links to other goat related matters and latest on disease control,.




GoatsUK now hosted by Yahoo! with posts, website links, photo albums, info files, birthday calendar. Share news, views, humour & information with goatlovers around the world. All welcome. Please contact Christine Ball for an online invitation:- . Already there is a collection of old harness goat pics there and a few modern ones too. It could provide a forum for any harness related discussion.



Goat Nutrition

Founded in 1981 by Bruce & Margaret Dolby, a family run firm and a leading authority on Goat Nutrition. Also selling Smallholder equipment, livestock and secondhand related items. Visit -








Date: 21/11/16